30 Post Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Following

Oct 17, 2019
Nanos Team

It’s a great time to start filling your social media scheduling calendar. If you don’t have any ideas on how to grow your social media following, stay with us!  

Social media contains three types of posts and they are text (like questions, tips, and quotes), photos (for example, infographics and memes) and links (blog posts). Each of them gives a great opportunity to grow a following because they provide engagement, value, and entertainment. Here are some post ideas you can use:

  1. Introduce your team – It could be one photo with the whole team or individual photos with more details about every member.
  2. Introduce your products – Use visual content to introduce potential customers to your products.
  3. Share your brand values – Let them know your company’s vision, mission, and motto.
  4. Share your work space – Every behind-the-scenes photo will make you more transparent with customers. It gives them a better idea of whom they’re buying from. Build trust and allow them to get to know your business.
  5. Offer discounts – If you want to increase sales, use discounts (10%, 20% or 30%).  People are more likely to make their first-time purchase, and you will still be making a profit.
  6. Share blog posts – Promote your own content! Also, always include a creative title which will call to action. Example – “Tired of (pain point)? We’ve got the right thing for you. Check our new post for details.” Also, always brand your blog post images.
  7. Share helpful tips – Social media is not just for promotion, if you really want to create a community, you’ll need to share your advice and help people with their pain points.
  8. Share something funny – Memes and GIFs are extremely popular on every social media platform. They receive far more likes than regular posts.
  9. Ask your audience a question – If you want to have more engagement on your social media accounts, create call to action questions. Discussions help you get more engagement. Create content that inspires everyone to take action.
  10. Answer a frequently asked question – If you’re always receiving the same question, answer it by sharing a post and pin it to the top of the page. Use your social media profiles as customer service.
  11. Share short videos with tips – Tutorials can show the audience how to solve a problem.
  12. Run polls – Ask questions to get your followers to interact. It can be industry-related or just for fun. Polls are much more popular on Twitter.
  13. Share your clients’ experiences – Show potential customers how others have found success using your products. Video testimonials are the best way to promote.
  14. Share quotes – Create your own quotes. It will help you with branding. Branded quotes are recognized by followers; they always know which one belongs to you.
  15. Ask people to join your mailing list – Promote signup forms for webinars and email newsletters.
  16. Cross-promote your social networks – It helps your audience to quickly recognize you on other social channels and start engaging with you there.
  17. Share your free resources – Make a page with all your free ebooks, checklists, white papers and share it on social media profiles. With them, you can create a bigger mailing list.
  18. Share relevant articles.
  19. Create infographics – If you want to show facts about your business (that may be a bit dry) use infographics. They make everything much simpler and are easy to follow. Infographics are very popular on Pinterest.
  20. Hold a giveaway – Free products or membership will create a new level of engagement from followers. With giveaways, your accounts will grow much faster. People can’t resist free stuff!
  21. Go live – Use live streaming to answer questions (Q&A sessions). Real-time conversation establishes a better connection with your audience.
  22. Tag-a-Friend posts – Publish a relatable image and ask followers to tag a friend. It’s a great way to encourage a response and receive much more engagement.
  23. Share a milestone – Always share your success with the audience. Include your followers in important moments of your business life. They care about you and they want to see you succeed.
  24. Create themed days – MotivationalMonday (motivational quotes and images), TipTuesday (how to solve pain points with quick tips), ThrowbackThursday or SundayFunday, use ones that are appropriate for your brand and products. Hashtags are still in the A game!
  25. Share announcements – If you have big launch or event, share it. Let your audience know on which date it’s going to happen. Make it visually attractive – include eye-catching images.
  26. Photo of the month – Every month, share the best photo created by your client, with their permission of course.
  27. Link to an old blog post – Share your most popular blog posts to get even more people in involved. If your posts have good  information, people are more likely to come back for more advice.
  28. Throwback – Show your business history to create engagement. It’s a fun topic which is popular on every social media platform.
  29. Create ads – If you’re not familiar with all the tips and tricks on how to create a great campaign, try the NANOS app. It helps you create ads in a really short time and it’s super effective. Also, here are 5 best advertising tools to promote your small business in 2019.
  30. Share company events – Showcase your company’s personality with images from organised events.