How To Create An Effective Ad For Your Restaurant

Sasha Schriber
an effective ad for restaurant

In America alone, on average, 13,000 new restaurants open every year. That statistic - coupled with the many existing restaurants out there that have loyal fan bases - can make it hard for a new restaurant to get noticed, or for an existing restaurant to attract new customers.

With over 90% of guests checking out a restaurant online before they visit, it is important to understand online advertising now more than ever in the restaurant industry.

Here are some tips on how to create the most effective ads for your restaurant, which will help to get more customers in your door and to make sure your existing ones keep on coming back.

Manage Your Advertising Budget

Set aside a specific budget for advertising. Running ads will always be beneficial because of the results and analytics they provide, so do not be afraid to add a little extra to this budget, if possible. If you do not know your target audience running a well laid out split test campaign will help you find that target audience. Managing your budget is important ‌to learn how to advertise your restaurant effectively.

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Focus On Your Target Market

Next, make sure you are targeting your specific market. Business owners often generalize their ads too much and end up with no measurable results from their campaign. If your restaurant is a sushi restaurant, make sure it is being seen by those looking to eat sushi, not Mexican food for example.

Also, target your area. You can target your geographic location and serve ads to the people in your city or neighborhood, thus drawing in more customers. There is no sense in having your ads run in another city if your business does not operate there.

What are the chances those people will make it out there and visit your restaurant? Targeting your specific area will help to create more traffic and also encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

Nanos AI create effective ads

Call To Action

Always ‌have a call to action. Without this, your ad is just a pretty picture. If you are running a special, have a new menu item or if you want to promote discounts, make sure ‌it is prominent and visible, so people have an incentive to go. Another good idea is to create a landing page for people to visit once they have clicked on the ad.

This is good because you can create an area for people to leave their email, and then they can be re-targeted in your next ad campaign.

Here is a great case study ‌by Nanos AI in partnership with Umi & Chao, an Asian fusion restaurant in Vällingby, Stockholm, Sweden. They were having a hard time generating new business. Nothing on their website or about their branding showed that they were an Asian fusion restaurant.

Through Nanos, they placed targeted ads aimed at their market: Sushi, Thai, Dim Sum etc., and targeted the specific area of Stockholm - and they saw amazing results. Within 30 hours they were reaching more people than their previous ads did.

Using these methods will improve your ads and make them more effective, making you more money.

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