How To Create An Effective Ad For Your eBook or Book

Sasha Schriber
effective ad for ebook or book

Creating an ebook, or any book for that matter, is a lot of work. From the writing and the tons of edits, to the effort you spend in research, it takes up a sizable portion of your time. When an author puts that much time and heart into a book, they want to see it become successful, and a great way to make that happen is with online advertising

So how does an author create the most effective ad to get book sales or ebook downloads? We share a few easy tips, and also some essential rules to follow to ensure you place a successful ad.

Nanos AI writes an ad

Eye-Catching Visuals

Online advertising is all about attractive visuals and powerful copy. Make sure your ad image pops and reflects the topic or theme of your book effectively. You need to be able to catch the attention of those searching for ebooks online, so choosing eye-catching imagery is important when creating an ebook ad. 

Focus On Your Target Market

Make sure your text also resonates with your target audience. Make it relatable for them so that they are encouraged to follow through with your call to action. Some great platforms for publishing ads include Amazon Kindle, since it is already a bookstore. Another great platform is Facebook,as it really helps you narrow down your target audience, making sales and downloads more likely.

Choose Your Ad Type

To make sure you get noticed, a carousel ad is always a creative choice for showcasing your ebook, as this will allow you to showcase your cover artwork, as well as snippets of the book to entice readers. Also, if your book is free to download, be sure to mention that in your ad. 

Readers are more likely to download a book of interest when they know they can afford it, so use this as a way to promote any special sales or discounts.

A Case Study

Fluffkis a children's ebook business that needed help with their digital advertising. They turned to Nanos AI to help them figure out not only what type of ad would work best for them, but also to help them figure out their target audience. Sometimes experimentation is also key before placing your one most effective ad. Fluffkis ended up seeing an additional 327 clicks to their website from these ads and an additional 47 thousand impressions. You can see the their case study and others here.

By focusing your attention on your target audience and choosing attention-grabbing visuals, you can effectively advertise your ebook or book online and turn viewers into customers.

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