How To Create An Effective Ad For Your Service-Based Business

Sasha Schriber
effective ad for service based business

When you are running a service-based business it can seem hard to make yourself stand out among the competition. When it comes to online advertising, using the proper visuals, and correct copywriting will help you to stand out among your competition.

Facebook Ads have been found to be the best platform for ads in the service-based businesses niche. This is mainly because they can connect to your Facebook page directly from the ad, to see reviews and any other contact information that wasn't already in the ad. Create an ad with the best images you have, preferably your own if you have a high-quality camera, as this will add to your authenticity. These images provide customers a better understanding of what your service is and what makes your business unique.

Always showcase what makes you different, whether it is pricing or customer service.

If it is an events business, show one of your events when it is fully packed, or if you own a pool cleaning business show your clients enjoying the nice pool you just cleaned for them. If you can add a video - it’s even better! That will really show off your work and help you to differentiate yourself among the crowd.

When it comes to online advertising, you want to be creative, while also maintaining your brand and getting your message across effectively.

Try to avoid using stock photos. These do not set your business apart, but rather, they take away from your authenticity. These days, most online consumers know what a stock photo is, and will judge your use of them. People like to see what they will be buying, and these do not show that.

Do not use overly long running copy in your ad. Make it short and to the point. Most people are viewing these ads on mobile devices and longer copy is not as visually appealing on those devices. Also, do not forget to put in the correct call to action - for e.g. ‘Book Now’ or Contact Us’, as this is where you direct the customer to make an action based on seeing your ad.

Nanos AI create effective ads

A real estate events company located in Switzerland began working with Nanos AI to help with their social media advertisements and they followed the above rules. They provided images of their events so customers could see just how unique they were. They also provided various versions of copy to use, to see what worked best. In turn, carousel ads were created so people could slide through the pictures of their amazing events. The result was an increase of 120% of visitors to their live events and consistent increased traffic to their website. You can see the case study here.

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