How To Create An Effective Ad For Your Training Course

Sasha Schriber
effective ad for training course

If you are in the training course business, you already know that advertising for such a specific niche can be confusing and, if not done properly, a waste of money. There are specific things you can do to make your ad more successful when working within a small niche.

1. Find the Right Keywords

First, find keywords in your specific niche, as this is where you will focus most of your online advertising list on both long and short-tail keywords. These specific niches have specific audiences, making it even more important to know who will get the most benefit from seeing your ads.

One way to target your niche audience is by using more long-tail keywords in your ads. Long-tail keywords are things like ‘how to become an inner-city life coach’ or ‘how to become a life coach in Pennsylvania’, rather than just ‘how to become a life coach’ which is a short tail keyword.

Most customers that use these long-tail keyword searches are usually looking for something extremely specific, and that they are looking to buy. This will help you make sure that those clicks turn into sales.

2. Use Visuals In Your Ads

Use visuals that show what your course is within the ad, avoid using stock imagery as it takes away from the authenticity of your course, especially if you are marketing to millennials.

3. Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for this type of ad setup, so make sure you create a landing page for people to visit when they click on your ad. Here, customers can not only purchase your course easily but they should be able to leave their email and register for upcoming course information and schedules.

By acquiring their emails, you can then create a re-targeting campaign to capture returning students or get them to share their experiences.

SaaT Network, an international Scrum training courses provider, used these techniques along with Nanos AI technology to place their ads. They saw an increase of 2,083.33% in the number of students paying for their courses, all within 5 days. Targeting specific niches for your training course and using long-tail keywords will not only make your ads more effective but also lead to more sales.

Nanos AI create effective ads

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