How To Create An Effective Ad For Your Wedding Business

Sasha Schriber
effective ad for wedding business

The wedding planning industry can be one of the most cutthroat industries out there. Most couples take up to a year before they officially choose a venue or wedding planner. If you are in the business of wedding planning, how do you make sure your ads will convert to sales and attract new clients?

Nanos AI creates an ad

Visual Appeal

Visuals are of the utmost importance for a wedding business. Brides want their special day to feel and look like their version of a fairytale. Elegant pictures are key. If you do not have those, be sure to take some and always ensure they are high quality. This is one of the most important days in people's lives, so your ads should sell this point. Also, video is always stunning. Make sure to include videos if you have them. People like to see what they will be buying. 

Carousel ads are great for wedding businesses. 

They help to show off multiple locations you have used before, as well as the different types of wedding styles you have done. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for advertising wedding businesses - Instagram, because it is such a visual medium, and Facebook, because of how many people it can reach and how well you can target your ads.  

With Nanos, you can create beautiful visual ads and have your campaign automatically optimized with the help of our powerful AI advertising technology. You can launch your campaign in minutes.

Show Off Your Vendors

Besides great images and video, to stand out from your competition you need to show off what vendors you work with. You are trying to sell the complete experience, and the types of vendors you work with is what sets you apart. If you work with the number one catering service in town, let people know. 

Throw that in your carousel ad. Also, make sure to change with the seasons. Any seasonal giveaways or discounts should be placed in your ad. If you have participated in any bridal shows that your competitors may not have, show that off as well.

Everything should seem effortless and easy from the client's point of view. Do not let your ad seem like a sales pitch and be sure to use a good call-to-action in your ad. "Click here, see your venue options today" or “click here to see our discounts!” are some examples of strong call to action. The ad should flow and be elegant to reflect the quality and level of your business, stock photos especially for this are always a poor choice and should only be used as a last resort. 

Remember, use elegant visuals, show what sets you apart - including what vendors you work with - and target the right audience. These are all key to creating the most effective wedding business or venue ad. 

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