How Much Should You Spend on Advertising?

Nanos Team

How Much Should You On Spend Advertising? What Is A Good Amount To Start With?

The first time running an advertising campaign can be a daunting and time-consuming task for any business owner.

From trying to run ads on multiple platforms, which also means creating new accounts for these platforms, to figuring out an advertising budget and worrying if you targeted the ad correctly, it can all be quite overwhelming.

At Nanos, we have a $5 minimum which is fine, but that will only allow a campaign to run on one platform for one day. The problem with that is there is valuable information that can be taken from your ad campaigns and running an ad for one day doesn't allow you to capture enough of this valuable data.

So, let us discuss budgeting and why this data is so valuable.

How to Approach Advertising

There are two ways to approach budgeting for your ads.

The first approach is "invest what you feel comfortable with and can afford to lose." In this case, we suggest starting with $100 because it really is an investment. The information gathered from the campaigns you place will end up being priceless, we will show you why. These first campaigns can teach you a lot.

For our AI to give you the best results on your campaigns, we recommend running the first campaign for at least 2 weeks.

Nanos' interface will suggest the best duration for your budget

This way, if you have no historical data or do not have any knowledge on who your target market is, then you will collect this data after your campaign ends to further strengthen your future marketing efforts.

Invest what you feel comfortable with and can afford to lose.

Do not let yourself get too frustrated during these 2 weeks if you only make a sale or two, or possibly none at all, instead be eager and excited about the data you will collect on who your audiences are and where you will see the most ROI for your future campaigns, no more wasted dollars!

A good tip is to create a landing page where visitors can leave their emails that are attached to your ads, this way you can use those emails in your remarketing campaigns to try and convert them into customers, it's that simple.

An example of a lead form

You can target those emails with newsletters, discounts, and news about upcoming products. There are several ways to convert your captured emails into customers. You will now get to understand your Click-Through-Rate (also known as CTR) and your target demographic, which audience had the most engagement and best CTR? Was it 24-35 or maybe 44-55? Was it men or women? Or maybe you received a good response from a certain geographical location? You can target that best audience in your next campaign for amazing results.

All you need to do is let our AI do go to work for you and then check your Nanos dashboard at any time during the campaign to study results, it's really that easy.

The second approach is for those who need a "long term plan". Those of you with more experienced businesses or maybe you've been running ads with Nanos and would like to start using a larger investment. Did you know that we have Nanos consultants that are ready to help you in creating a long-term investment plan, for FREE? Well, now you do, our Nanos Ad gurus are ready and waiting to help. You can book a free consultation on our website here, and our team will help you with any of your questions, from how to set up tracking, understanding ad placement and also answer any questions you may have about your campaign.

As our CEO Sasha Schriber says, “Marketing is all about consistency”. You can catch an article where she talks about the fundamentals of getting a business off the ground here.