How to Do Testimonials for Your Business

Francesco Ambrosiano
nanos testimonial

Here’s a story about the most chameleonic man marketing has ever seen

A few days ago whilst analyzing competitors I found a review paired with a weirdly familiar picture. I was quite sure I’ve seen that guy already, somewhere else.

So I grabbed that image and used Google Images to find out where I could’ve possibly seen that man before.

The result of my search was quite interesting!

I pretty soon discovered that Mike Nowak is at the same time Rob Berger, Thomas, Philippe R, Brad White, Mike, Ray T, Jacques N, Peter Selavo, Kovàcs Peter and the list goes on:

As consumers browsing the internet on a daily basis, I suggest to not trust testimonials unless they are detailed and have reference to the person who wrote them, e.g. a link to their business website, Facebook, or Linkedin profiles. 

And here’s some advice to content creators: DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS or create fake testimonials. It’s extremely dishonest, unlawful, and also questions your business. Imagine when a user finds out that the review written on your website is actually fake and the person doesn’t even exist. 

If your business, product or service is a good provider, you’ll have no difficulties in gathering authentic and real views. To start, you can simply ask your close acquaintances and most loyal customers, and then move on to ask all your clients, by informing them that their feedback is valued and important to you. They can do it in a form of a voicemail, text, or a short video taken with their cell phone - this will give your testimonials the biggest authenticity boost you can never achieve with any stock footage.

The true identity of this man remains unknown to this day, however, you can download a high-resolution photo of… let’s just stick to calling him Mike. 

Source: Unsplash