How to Write Awesome Blog Posts People Will Actually Read

Oct 17, 2019
Nanos Team

A new statistic shows that only 20% of readers read a post’s full content. For that reason, we bring you 8 tips on how to write an amazing blog post that people will actually read:

  • Plan ahead

Blogging takes time, energy, and commitment. You need to brainstorm blog post ideas. Always create a plan before you write a single word. Coming up with dozens of topics will save you a lot of time in the long run. Find out: Do people even search for these subjects?

  • Do your research

Whatever your post is about, you need to think up several keywords that you think would be searched for when looking for a post like the one you’re creating. Make a list of 10-20 keywords and long-tail keywords. Google Keyword Planner can help you come up with blog post ideas and keywords. BuzzSumo is a free tool that looks at popular content; plug in your keywords, and see popular posts that could inspire you even more. Keywords need to be in the title, permalink, first paragraph of your blog post, throughout your post, and in your images.

  • Come up with a catchy title

The title is what will make or break your post. The title might be all the reader sees, so take advantage of their curiosity. Think about your own search habits; you enter the keyword and get millions of search results. On which title would you click? Statistics show that “How to..” titles have some of the best results. Also, always Capitalize Each Word. It catches readers eyes.

  • Write compelling headlines

Every post can be broken up into subsections. Break your article down into easy to read headings. Use subheadings, bold text, bullet points, and other features to enhance your writing. Subheadings are good for SEO, bold text makes your post easy to scan, and bullet points make information easy to take in. Your title should always be H1 (Heading 1) and subheadings should be H3 (Heading 3).

  • Proofread your content

Mistakes involving spelling, punctuation, and grammar do matter. They can make or break the quality of your content. Set your work aside and come back to it with fresh eyes. Then, you will probably notice mistakes you didn’t before. Proofread your content at least twice. Grammarly can help you with it.

  • Add more photos

Adding more photos helps to keep the reader scrolling. No matter how good you are at writing, if you don’t have imagery, your readers may become bored and click away. There are lots of different websites where you can download free images for your website or blog. Here are some of the best websites with stock images: Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.

  • Ask for an action

When a reader finishes your post, what do you want them to do next? Subscribe, leave a comment, join your mailing list, buy your product? If someone reads to the end of your post, there’s a good chance they enjoyed your writing and liked what you had to say. Don’t lose them, add a call to action.

  • Offer a freebie

Give your subscribers a freebie in return for their email address. Great examples of freebies: free ebooks, checklists, cheat sheets, and workbooks.

And don’t forget – provide value! If people find your content useful, they’ll come back for more.

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