I Would Like To Test Nanos And Spend $50, Which Platforms Should I Advertise On?

Sasha Schriber
Nanos - which platform should I choose

You are about to start using Nanos and are not yet fully convinced if it is right for you.

Wondering how it can help you make prospective clients aware of what you do or if it will bring new clients to your business? Based on our experience, Nanos works really well for businesses who offer services for so-called "end customers". For instance, you sell roofs (or any goods being sold at a physical location), running an online beach clothes store (selling any items online to B2C customers), or providing online or in-person coaching services (or any other services for the end customers).

We can easily reach your prospective end customers on Google and Facebook. We let Nanos technology optimize your small budget, making sure each and every dollar is spent towards getting you the best, and as many leads as possible. And we have lots of successful stories where even smaller amounts spent during 2-4 weeks brought in a 500-2000% return on our client's investments.

However, if you are providing B2B services, and your customers are mainly other companies, we recommend you schedule an unbinding free call with us to discuss how best to invest your budget, so the experimental iteration phase of your marketing strategy is as short as possible.

In general it takes at least two days for the Nanos machine learning to kick in, and up to six days to start functioning at its full capacity. If you’re planning to try Nanos out to see if it’s something for your business with a test budget of, let's say, $50 - it’s best to just focus on one platform at the start.

For instance, if your business is providing consulting services, then pick Google as the platform to advertise on. Because you are most likely catering to professionals, your prospective clients will know what they need and will search for a service like yours on Google, and not be looking for it on social media sites. If you are running an online store and want to appeal to a wider audience - those who are open to buying something but are not quite sure what it is yet, then you can give them ideas for their next purchase through Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t spend the entire $50 in 1-2 days, as you most likely won't see measurable results that fast. Instead, have your campaign run for 5-10 days. Consistency plays a big role in whatever you do, except gambling of course, but in online marketing it's simply crucial. It’s better to spread your budget so it can last for a longer period of time. Also, do not share your budget between multiple countries but focus on just one. If you have a physical location, limit your ad campaign to one city to advertise in.

Here is an example of how your budget could be distributed: imagine that you are providing HR consulting services in Johannesburg, South Africa. Your website is under construction or you haven't set one up yet, so you create a quick free landing page through Nanos and advertise your business on Google for 5-7 days, spending about $8-10 a day. With the Google ad you set up on Nanos, you will be driving traffic to this landing page. This way you can test your ad creative, your website copy, better understand your targeted audience, and know if they are actually on the Google platform or not! This is a lot of information to receive about your business, for just $50!

Here are some other tips for a successful website or a landing page: upload your own pictures and avoid using stock footage. Also, create a video with your personal message to your future clients, giving them an example of how other customers have successfully used your services. It’s advisable to put some effort into the content of your website, making it descriptive and easy to understand for someone who is not familiar with your HR consulting jargon. Create a contact form that is easy and fast to fill in - because even if your leads don't purchase anything right now, you will have their details, which is a valuable tool for promoting your products in the future.

Within just 5-10 days of your first Nanos ad running on Google, you will quickly see how useful Nanos is in bringing you new clients without putting too much effort or money. Try Nanos today and see how easy it is to advertise online.