Why Nanos Is a Swiss-Made Product

Sasha Schriber
Nanos Swiss-made product

Many of our new clients or soon-to-be partners are asking us this question almost on a daily basis. There is a strong reasoning behind why Nanos was originally conceived in Switzerland, and also why it is still in Zurich at a time where there is a global shift towards remote working.

Co-founders of a tech company have many decisions to make, including choosing where the company should be located. Having lived and worked in several countries before, and possessing a clear idea of what we are about to build, our major considerations were: access to research and any tech talent in general, quality of life, and as boring this may sound, the tax situation.

Since Nanos is an online service developed to be available internationally, and its technology is language-agnostic, we could in fact be based anywhere in the world. We, the co-founders, have considered several cities back in 2017–2018, including San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Barcelona. In the end, we chose Switzerland as the home base of our R&D unit.

Here’s the reasoning behind our decision:

Switzerland produces some of the best tech talent available, mostly because of its excellent technical schools. We eventually chose Zurich due to the proximity to ETH (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), one of the top tech universities in the world.

Equally important were legal services, tailored specifically to startups’ needs, along with direct access to seed and Series A funding, governmental support, and competitive tax advantages. Home to many Fortune 500 companies, Switzerland generally represents impeccable quality and checks all the boxes.

Switzerland leads the Global Innovation Index and consistently makes the top 10 in terms of quality of life as well as work balance and safety — not to mention it has the highest number of patents per person in the world. This offers an ideal environment for tech startups and it’s one of the reasons why Nanos chose Switzerland as its home base.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nanos still has not relocated to other areas like Lisbon, for example, where software development is cheaper, or Bali, where the lifestyle is more leisurely, or Berlin, which is fairly hyped-up for promising unicorns-to-be.

At Nanos, our focus remains firmly on delivering accessible online advertising for everyone and we are perfectly positioned to do so.

About Nanos

Nanos is a tech company that consists of a team of machine learning specialists, marketing experts, content specialists, and programmers. We have the support of great research advisors and post-graduate students from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland, along with funding from European investors. We value long-term relationships with our clients and this is not only our inspiration but also our drive to make online advertising accessible to everyone.

We’ve come a long way from our early research prototypes back in 2017; today Nanos has a diverse international talent that works very hard to drive our vision forward. We want to give everyone a chance to advertise their business online and gain new customers in the process.

Most importantly — we want to be part of your online success.