The Dual Nature of Digital Marketing

Nov 19, 2019
Nanos Team

At first glance, digital marketing seems simple: It is now relatively easy to establish a professional looking web presence using user-friendly tools. The cost of entry to online advertising platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords is low, and countless online tutorials promise to help anyone get up to speed.

However, the reality is that digital marketing is a complex puzzle, consisting of many moving parts. Without smart solutions, it can be particularly challenging. Setting up and running a digital advertising campaign the traditional way is a time-consuming process that requires experience, expertise and money.

While strategic marketing offers many opportunities to help a business to grow, ad-hoc, unstructured campaigns can quickly exhaust a marketing budget while providing very little ROI. We’ve identified the following common digital marketing challenges among business of all sizes:

Digital marketing channels are both efficient and complex

Most digital marketing channels offer highly efficient systems that enable you to communicate with a large-scale audience. The good news is that they are accessible to businesses of all sizes, but there’s a catch: you need to learn how to navigate the system. This may mean a large time investment, depending on your degree of comfort with technology.

It’s important to know that while advertisers pay to place their ads, the platform itself, such as Google, prioritizes user experience (U/X). This means that platforms will only display ads that are relevant to search results and that you need to make sure your ad is relevant to common search queries in order to be seen.

The need to up-skill on a regular basis

Algorithms change on a regular basis and apps are constantly requesting users to update to the latest version. Services like Nanos alleviate the burden that brands face when trying to run a lean and effective digital marketing campaign. It replaces marketing jargon with simple English and removes the complexities involved in placing ads online, whether it’s on Google or Facebook. Machine learning and artificial intelligence do all the heavy lifting for you so that as a business, you are able to focus on your true objectives.

Data: your bare necessity

When it comes to bare necessity, we’ve all heard this one before: numbers don’t lie. The best decisions are those which are based on data and analytics. It’s one thing to hire someone to crunch the stats for you, but it’s another thing to truly understand the implications and take action. After all, your main focus is on making your next sale or booking your next client. Anyone can access Google Analytics and there are many online courses purporting to teach you how to use it. But wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to simply spend a small proportion of your budget on reputable online software to do it for you?

Unaffordable digital marketing services

Of course, you could bring in marketing experts to overcome knowledge gaps and propel your business forward. Ideally, you would hire a specialist marketing agency or establish a talented in-house marketing department. But what if your business is scaling and you can’t afford to do that just yet, but you still really need some marketing support? In cases like this, digital marketing apps offer an ideal solution. The right tech software or app can make a real difference in boosting the performance of your marketing campaigns and unlocking growth.

Nanos uses machine learning technology that places ads across multiple online platforms in less than ten minutes. You don’t need a marketing, design or tech background in order to use it efficiently. It does the hard work for you, so that your ad gains maximum exposure on your chosen platform. It is also very cost-effective, as you can get started for less than $5. For info on solving these challenges and more, tune in to Nanos’ blog and social media.