What Does Nanos Mean Exactly and How We Chose Our Logo

Sasha Schriber
nanos logo blueprint

Nanos are the smallest particles in physics, and we thought it would be a great metaphor as Nanos simplifies advertising. Nanos was created to be used by pretty much anyone- small businesses, freelancers, and larger brands.

There are so many businesses that exist around the world, or just about to be created, or just starting up. All of them need to be visible online and a few simple clicks away when a prospective customer is searching for services or products similar to what this business has to offer. Nanos might sound geeky, but for a reason - we stand for technology, but not in a sense that it takes away jobs or complicates our lives - the opposite, a technology that is to make our lives easier, simpler, and better.

Machine learning technology and AI we use ought to demystify online marketing and make it accessible to anybody. There are so many processes that can be automated and so much to learn about when you want to use it, but there is no need to study long and intense online marketing courses. Nanos is like a car - you don’t need to know how it exactly works to drive it, as it transports you from A to B in no time and this is how we at Nanos work too. It takes you from zero to a hundred customers without needing to learn all marketing tactics and techniques.

Nanos is small but important - imagine how life would be if there would be no small businesses in your area, e.g. hairdressers, small grocery stores, all kinds of freelancers you might engage with or frequently go to buy necessities - all of them at some point are open for new clients and need advertising. They want you to find out about them, and this is what Nanos was created for - it brings customers at your doors in the quickest way and shortest possible path.

Nanos also stands for simplicity - it’s a 1 billionth of something because it breaks down the marketing process into the smallest pieces and puts them together so that it works. Non-expert users who never placed an ad campaign in their life can benefit from Nanos tremendously, because with Nanos you don't need to know any special marketing definitions and terminology.

It buys you time, as now you can focus on nurturing your first clients instead, to make sure they are happy and will return.

However, Nanos has other meanings behind it. It’s a Gothic name for a bold protector, who is brave in peace and it’s also the name of a plateau in Slovenia which you can see from a distance.

The Nanos logo has several interpretations to it - we chose to have the first letter (N) as the logo, but without the edgy corners, rather, a soft version of it, so it visually creates an arc or a bridge which connects a business with its customers, and also a magnet for your leads, and a lucky horseshoe if you imagine it upside down.

For me personally, Nanos sounds also a bit like a nanny, a caretaker, or someone who holds your hand when you have just started taking your first steps.