What Is a Tech Company?

Jan 9, 2020
Sasha Schriber

As a CEO of a tech startup, I receive a lot of introductions from other startup companies, who also claim to be in tech. In my own humble opinion, if your company is building apps, or provide software engineers nearshore, it will not qualify you to be called a technology company. If it’s pure software engineering and someone can replicate your app within three months, you are not building a new technology, you are building an app. There is also another level of misconception: startups who claim to use machine learning for all kinds of purposes. Instead, they use hard-coded solutions without any intelligence underneath. It can be quite misleading particularly for investors who often don’t have enough in-house technical expertise to understand what constitutes as machine learning and lack thereof.

We at Nanos work with the best scientific advisors on machine learning, computer vision and graphics from ETH (The Federal Institute of Technology) in Switzerland. Our PhD, Master’s and undergraduate students comprised some of Nanos full-size team members who appreciate that they are able to apply their research immediately to the industry. Our patent pipeline is larger than life and our technology’s transfer and integration has its own timeline which treads along with the software development. While being driven by customer insight and priorities.

Here’s a video on Leon Palaic, Head of Machine Learning, explaining the technology behind Nanos: