Why Nanos Was Created

Nov 14, 2019
Sasha Schriber

I was always driven by this romantic idea that anyone should be able to advertise online. A flower shop owner next door should have the same chance to prosper as a big online flower franchise. A big international fashion brand should not block an independent shoemaker to be visible online just because they have their own marketing army. There is a strong need to lower the entry barrier into online marketing, as small businesses are the economic drivers in most developed countries, or they risk missing the boat and run out of business when competing with the bigger players in their field.

Marketing should also be demystified. Currently, if I were to go to ten different marketing consultants, each one of them will offer me ten different types of proposals on how to advertise my business. They will obviously also generate ten different results, because marketing is not a science, it goes by trial-and-error and even if a certain marketing campaign is successful today, it might not be the case tomorrow and no one can tell you exactly why. There are just too many parameters to keep in mind and to watch for – the visuals, the story, the website, the timing, the budget, as well the industry trends, competitors actions and many more.

In the past, if I were to run a business and would like to make it visible online to my potential customers, and without big budgets or marketing knowledge, I’d have very limited options. I could try to learn the inner-workings of it, but it would be like gambling in a casino, due to my lack of experience in this field. But what if you had someone to do the homework for you and provide you with an easy to use and intelligent enough to walk you through the process and make the process of creating, placing, and optimizing an ad campaign – straightforward and painless?

As a small business owner, you come up with an idea, secure financing and hire the team that makes your business scale. You find your vendors and take calls from your perspective customers, but also sweep the floors, do the dishes and file your taxes. Somewhere in between you start losing sleep because there is barely any customer to cover the overheads. Suddenly, you are running out of money and still need to pay the rent and salaries for the staff, and things are just never looking good enough and being far from stable.

Established companies and brands have marketing specialists, sales teams and all kinds of governmental support. As a small business owner, you are literally left alone when starting a new adventure. Most common issue for a small business is awareness. By chance, you might have stumbled upon a dental clinic in the basement floor of your office. The only reason you knew about it was because you walked by there every day. Sadly, by the time you are seriously considering paying them a visit, they might already be out of business.

This was the main reason why I have created Nanos. I strongly believe that everyone should be empowered to do their own marketing. And technology can make it accessible to anyone.