Umi & Chao

Umi & Chao, an Asian fusion restaurant in Vällingby, Stockholm, Sweden.

Umi & Chao is an Asian fusion restaurant in Vällingby, a suburban district in the Greater Stockholm area of Sweden. Based off of their website, it wasn’t clear that they were offering a variety of Asian mainstream Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes. This made it difficult for the restaurant to generate new business without large amounts of investment into marketing.

Umi & Chao decided to place a small test ad campaign with Nanos. They started with 40 EUR and within 10 minutes, they were able to create a campaign which was then equally distributed across Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Umi & Chao Instagram ad


The restaurant’s ad was optimized by Nanos AI and targeted to online audiences that were looking for or interested in what the restaurant offers: Sushi, Dim Sum, Steak/Seafood Salads, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai food. The ad also targeted specifically the Stockholm area.


Within 30 hours, the results came back with a notable report:

Facebook reported 3.29k impressions and 71 clicks, resulting in a 2% Click-Through-Rate(CTR), well above the industry average of 1.20%.

Instagram reported 2.45k impressions and 34 clicks, resulting in a 1% CTR which also is above the industry average of 0.88%.

Google performed at 581 impressions and 14 clicks, producing a 2% CTR compared to the industry average of 0.91%.

Umi & Chao campaign results