At Nanos, we understand you the entrepreneur, the small business owner, those of you who fight each day to gain clients and traffic to your business whether it be online or on the high street.

We are dedicated to taking away the complexity, confusion and cost of marketing your business or project in the digital arena so you can gain customers quickly, in a simple and cost-effective way. Our mission is to unleash the power of digital marketing to all those struggling using the old conventional methods.

Marketing should be demystified

Let Nanos demystify this process for you. We understand that existing tools are too complicated and that not everyone is a marketing specialist. That’s why we have created a quick and simple to understand tool that allows you to be your own marketing agency without the contracts and high agency fees giving you real-time control of your campaigns, time back to dedicate to your business and customers whilst maximising the effectiveness of your marketing budget by getting you more clients quickly. It works!

What is Nanos?

A powerful digital marketing tool and app with intelligent learning technology designed for you

Automatic and smart integration with Google, Facebook & Instagram

One stop shop for creating and placing your business and brand online

Available on desktop and mobile devices (Apple and Google Play)

Free and automatic landing page creation

Requires no training or marketing expertise

Who should be using Nanos?

Nanos is for every business type or project and for all sizes who need that extra boost in gaining customers and traffic.

Our platform gives everyone a fair chance to advertise their business, regardless of their business background, marketing knowledge, design experience or budget size.

If you’re a small or medium business operator with a clear vision for success but may not have a dedicated marketing or sales team to support your growth or simply find marketing a bit overwhelming then Nanos is perfect for you.

It doesn’t matter if you own a physical store, an online-only business or a blog

Even if you are an established company and brand, Nanos is an efficient and portable time-saving tool & app so that you and your staff can prioritize on tasks that are more urgent. Its integrated SEO ensures that you are effectively viewed by your potential customers.
Maybe you travel a lot, well, Nanos travels with you and enables you to launch a campaign at critical moments to stay ahead of your competition and the ability to do this wherever you may be.

What If Your Business Doesn't Have a Website?

No problem! Nanos creates a landing page for you if you do not have a website yet! Through our free advertising platform called Huubsh, simply enter your business details and an automated landing page will be created for you free of charge.

Not sure if you should invest in online marketing yet?

Start advertising for free on Huubsh no strings attached! If you need some guidance then just sign up for one of our many free monthly interactive webinars that will demo our platform and also answer questions you may have. Let us show you how to unleash the power of digital.

Why Nanos and not the others:

Quick & Simple to use

We know time is precious to you so we have designed Nanos to be a tool that is quick to set up and manage. We have also made sure that our user interface is easy to use without bombarding you with marketing terminology. Create your ad for multiple platforms in a few minute


Instantly engage with your ideal target audiences. Nanos strategically places your ads where it is most successful. Our technology reshuffles your advertising budgets to place them where it benefits your business the most.


Let our intelligent learning technology optimize your ads and budget spending. We have worked hard to build this technology for our customers, so our customers can focus on what matters most: running their business.

We are currently seeking international

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