Whether you have a physical store or an online venture, the goal is the same: to grow your business! At Nanos, we’re here to take the confusion out of online advertising, in an affordable way. We understand that existing tools are too complicated and expensive. After all, not everyone is a marketing expert or can afford to contract a specialist or an agency.

Nanos fees are transparent: It charges 17% of your total advertising budget amount and should there’s any money left over after your ad campaign runs, it gets refunded to your account automatically! These fees are designed so that you can place your ads in easy, convenient steps, optimized by our Machine Learning technology to ensure maximum visibility.

Marketing should be demystified

You can start advertising with just $5, which is an equivalent of running an ad campaign on your business for 1 day. If you don't have a website, Nanos will automatically create a simple landing page for your business and advertise it organically for free, within 24 hours!

No subscriptions, no contract requirements. It's a pay-as-you-go system that puts you in control of your digital marketing. Plus, you get an understanding of your target audience, as Nanos will generate an automatic report on your campaign. 

We give brands, big and small, access to all the digital marketing tools they need. 

What is Nanos?

A very smart app with integrated machine learning technology

Simultaneously publish your ads on Google, 
Facebook and Instagram

An all-in-one solution to create 
and place ads online

Available on desktop and on mobile 
(Apple store and Google Play)

Automatic landing page creation

Requires no special training, subscription or contract

Who should be using Nanos?

Nanos is for every business of every size

Our platform gives everyone a fair chance to advertise, regardless of their business background, marketing knowledge, design experience or budget.

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you might not have a dedicated marketing department and sales team to support you. Nanos acts as your portable marketing agency. The best thing is that you don’t need to have a big budget in order to use Nanos to increase your business's visibility.

It doesn’t matter if you own a physical store, an online-only business or a blog

Nanos can help. Even if you run an established company and brand, Nanos will save you time, letting you and your staff stay focused on your core business. Integrated SEO ensures that your online ads reach the people who matter, by being optimally targeted to your potential customers.

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Áine NÍ Mhuiris

Áine NÍ Mhuiris

CEO of Physio & Co. Zurich, Switzerland.


We at Physio & Co are very grateful to be introduced to Nanos. Nanos took the time to understand our business and our needs, and was able to offer simple, affordable solutions. Our patients can now find us easily and thanks to Nanos, we now have an efficient, effective marketing channel, with almost zero effort from our side.

Thank you Nanos :)

Amalia S.

Amalia S.

Head of Digital Marketing. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Placing online ads on Nanos is a really smooth process. All and all, I had a really great experience for the post-ad period. The reports for each category are pretty detailed. For my campaign, I placed a USD 60 budget and these are the results:

Nanos - social media campaign results
Laurent Meyer

Laurent Meyer

CEO of Propulsion Academy. Zurich, Switzerland.


From a tech perspective, Nanos is an up-and-coming marketing technology innovation that’s literally saved us time when it comes to placing online ads. The interface is much more pleasant to work with and the ML tech that runs it is unprecedented. I’ve used it for my business and I will use it again.

Tatiana Anufrieva

Tatiana Anufrieva

CEO of Happy Pijamas. Antwerpen, Brussels.


As a start up, I wanted to have a tool which would allow me to  build my brand Happy Pijama and to grow sales in a simple and clear way, without spending lots of time and people resources. During Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, I came across Nanos where they presented their tool and I thought, “This is exactly what is need I placed my campaigns. What I really like is the simplicity, clarity of interface and logic of inputs. You really don’t need to have a deep background in digital marketing in order to set up a campaign. It is also well-structured and you give the inputs for each advertising channel which make sense. The rest are machines which optimize your campaigns. The reporting and visibility of the campaign could be improved. With that, I am sure Nanos is a great solution for many small businesses.

Stefano Ramponi

Stefano Ramponi

CEO LipsiaGROUP, Digital Agency. Tradate, Italy.


I struggled a lot with digital advertising, hired lots of freelancers but I could never find anyone I could really trust that would generate high performances. With Nanos, I can create campaigns for my clients, knowing that Nanos technology will do the best for me and my clients. When I need to know how campaigns are performing, I simply check Nanos dashboard and I don’t need to wait days or weeks for reports. And I love that they're always available via chat!

Daniela Andres und Fabian Koch

Daniela Andres und Fabian Koch

Web- und Werbeagentur interpunkt.


Nanos makes it possible: Finally, we can incorporate online advertising into the communication mix for our customers with small budgets. The results are more than convincing and the numbers are getting better everyday thanks to Nanos. Working with the entire Nanos team is very cooperative and efficient.

Gabriel Schmid

Gabriel Schmid

SmallBusinessAccountants GmbH


Thanks to Nanocorp AG, I can create my online marketing campaign with a single login and use the effective evaluation to control and adapt the online marketing strategy of my company constantly. Thanks to the great support and experience of the team, I receive useful tips in terms of online marketing and business success.

Max Ulbrich

Max Ulbrich

Co-founder at Fanomena.io. Saarbruecken, Germany.


At Fanomena, we are keen to increase brand awareness of our SaaS technology. We needed a partner in marketing that understands our vision. Nanos AI did just that! In a nutshell, they are a smart AI company and without much effort on our part, we were able to obtain the results we wanted thanks to their ML technology.


What If Your Business Doesn't Have a Website?

Nanos will help you create a free landing page on Huubsh, our dedicated advertising platform.

Simply enter your business details and your personalized landing page will be created for you in an instant.

If you’re unsure if you should invest in online marketing just yet, give Huubsh a try for free – no strings attached.

Why Nanos and not the others:

Quick & Simple to use

Create your ad on multiple platforms in a few minutes. Nanos’ interface is intuitive and straightforward. It’s truly a time-saving app.


Instantly engage with your target audience. Nanos strategically directs your ads to the people who matter most: potential customers. Our technology automatically calibrates your advertising budget to place ads where they will reap maximum benefit for your business.


Let our AI and machine learning technology optimize your ads and budget. We worked hard to build this technology for our customers, so our customers can focus on what matters most: running their business.

We are currently seeking international partnerships.

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